How to become a driving instructor

So, something has inspired you to looking in to how to become a driving instructor. It may be you have a keen passion for teaching people combined with a passion for driving or it may be that your wanting to be your own boss.

Richard’s story….

I used to work for a multi-national corporate company and I spent my working life (and most of my personal life!) Jumping through unrealistic hoops and meeting far fetched targets set by people that only sit around a table in a big office. I spent hours and hours every week commuting to various places. I was bitterly unhappy in my job and my first child had just been born. It was becoming very apparent that as well as being unhappy in my job, I was going to miss a lot of my daughter growing up and one day, I was driving home and the idea of driving instruction came to my mind.  I considered myself to be a excellent driver with a passion to teach people.  The next morning, I looked in to learning to become a driving instructor and within a few weeks, I had handed my notice in to my employer and started training full time to become an Approved Driving Instructor.

I have never regretted any decision.

Richard’s average week….

This is my main job so I work full time as an ADI. On average I work 38-40 tuition hours per week. Most of my students have 1.5 hour lessons once a week so I see around 25 students per week. The great thing about being self employed is that YOU decide when you want to work.

My average week consists of working Monday to Wednesday from 0830 to 1930 (6 pupils per day). On Thursdays I’ll generally work from 0830 to 1800 and on Friday 0830 to 1700 (3 or 4 students per day).

I rarely work at the weekend.

Across the week, I meet a variety of different personalities in many different places.

How much does a driving instructor earn?

This is a very broad question. I can only really comment on my own experience. So from a full time working point of view, you could earn £25000 to £32000 per annum, depending on how much you want to work.

Tuition car….

There are 2 ways you could get a tuition car.

One way is to buy your car. As a car owner, you are responsible for all the maintenance, insurance and general up keep of the car.

The other way is to lease the car so that all the maintenance, insurance and upkeep of the car is part of the deal. I prefer this option because it is ‘peace of mind’ for me.  I pay a set fee every week and in return I get a brand new car every 12 months, a fully insured car, fully maintained and if something terrible did go wrong, I would have a replacement car within 48 hours so I can carry on earning money.

What do I enjoy the most about the job?

I enjoy the freedom of being self employed, I enjoy meeting a variety of different people in different places and more importantly, I enjoy teaching and coaching.

How much does it cost and how long does it take?

Part one - You will need to purchase revision material which will come to £30 approx and the test fee is £81 for each attempt.  

Part two - Depending on your driving standard, you will need 10-30 hours (approx) of driving tuition which will cost you £280 - £840 (approx). The ADI part two test costs £111 per attempt (max of three attempts).

Part three - Depending on your ability, you will need between 30-60 hours (approx) of part three training which will cost you £840 - £1680 (approx). The ADI part three test costs £111 per attempt (max of three attempts).

The time it takes you to qualify is dependant on how much training you can commit to.


What credentials do you need?

You should be able to cross out all the following criteria if you want to be a driving instructor

Do you like the sound of becoming a driving instructor?

Here is what you need to do…..

Step one

Apply for a criminal record check (DBS)

Step two

Once you have received your DBS check, apply to register as a trainee driving instructor

Step three

Once you have received your registration and log in details, you need to book and take the ‘part 1’ driving instructor theory test.

You will need to revise  well in advance of taking this test. Learning resources are available in the shop.

Part one - Instructor Theory Test

Step four

Once you have passed your instructor theory test, you need to book and train to take your part 2 - driving ability test. Training should be given by a driving instructor.

Part Two - Driving Ability Test

Step five

Once you have passed your driving ability test, you need to train to take the part 3 instructional test. When ready, you will need to book the part 3 test. From October 2017, the part three test is changing and will follow the format of the ADI standards check test.

Part Three - Standards check test

Step six

Upon passing your part three test, you can apply for your first ADI licence from the following link:

Step seven


We are seeking like minded people who want to train as a driving instructor….

If you would like to start training with Richard’s School of Motoring then please email

We are looking for a well written and concise email to include the following details:

We will review your application and contact you

Step one

Apply for a driving instructor DBS check

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